Meet Eversweet


Meet Eversweet

Eversweet Apiaries was formed in 2002, by the handshake of friends Herb Everhart and Edward Burwell. It started out as a hobby for producing honey and to help increase the number of bees in the local area. Eversweet has undergone a few transitions. Through the years, the business grew from a hobby into a bee equipment supply company and free bee education center. The unfortunate passing of Herb in April 2015 not only marked a period of great sadness for Eversweet and the beekeeping community but it was a changing of the guards for beekeepers and Eversweet. Ed, who was 80 years old at the time, was able to retire and enjoy more time with his family and Jennifer King, Herb's daughter, took over the reins of Eversweet. Herb was always very generous with his beekeeping advice and knowledge and he passed along his wisdom to countless beekeepers. Therefore, most of his knowledge did not die with him. Herb and Jennifer started Eversweet's Beekeeping Guide and Jennifer continues to add new chapters. Jennifer was fortunate enough to have Herb as her personal “Bee Bible” and mentor. Under Herb's tutelage, she gained valuable beekeeping knowledge and continues Herb's legacy of free bee education.

In addition to being a beekeeper supply company, we are also a source for honey bee education. We frequently have free workshops & field days. These events are open to anyone who is interested in becoming a beekeeper or who wants more beekeeping education. At these events we open hives & discuss what's happening in the hive & what the bees are doing. It provides great hands-on experience.


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