Sugar donations are needed for FWBVBA bees!

Did You Know? 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 Beekeepers usually have to feed their bees sugar water during the summer and when nectar isn’t available. Colonies can consume a gallon of sugar water a day! That’s about eight pounds of sugar a day! The Frank W. Buckles Veteran Beekeepers Association members are in need of granulated cane sugar for their bees. Any sugar quantity (e.g., 4 lbs. and up) donations are gladly accepted and appreciated! Sugar drop off can be made at Eversweet Apiaries, 85 Everhart Drive, Kearneysville, WV. You can leave the sugar inside the honey lobby which is open 24/7/365. Thank you!

Bee Education

September Tasks

The nectar flow has stopped or is dwindling. There are some small nectar flows which will continue into fall but they do not provide enough nutrients

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