If you are self quarantining, social distancing, etc. & need honey or beekeeping supplies we are offering curbside pick-up. Please contact us by phone (304) 876-3832, email info@eversweetapiaries.com, or Facebook to arrange purchase & pickup. Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship honey or beekeeping supplies. As always, our honey lobby is self service & open 24/7/365 with an honor system for paying by cash or check. Currently, our regular business hours are Monday – Friday 12PM – 5PM & Saturday 10AM – Noon. Stay healthy! ❤️🍯🐝


I've thought about making a COVID-19 announcement for several days. I hesitated because I didn't want to add to any possible hysteria. But I don't think anything I say now will cause panic. Hopefully, it will put some of my customers' minds at ease.

A lot of people might be thinking bees are the last thing on peoples’ minds right now; however, I have many customers who have money invested in package bee and nuc orders to replenish winter losses, to add to their apiaries, etc. They deserve updates and strategies going forward in the next few weeks.

As of right now, package bees and nucs are still on schedule. April 13th is the delivery/pickup for package bees and beginning to mid-May pickup (weather dependent) is the time-frame for nucs. I don't foresee COVID-19 interfering with these dates. If anything changes, I will update everyone.

The only challenge I foresee in the near future is mandated closures of nonessential stores such as mine. This is occurring in other states and could be a possibility in WV soon. I will have to develop a creative workaround for package bee pickup. I can't have large numbers of people picking their bees up at once and I can't have the packages sitting around either. The bees need to be picked up and installed ASAP.

Please do not wait to get bee equipment the same day you pick up your bees. Whatever plan I come up with for bee pickup will entail getting people in and out ASAP so I will not be able to sell anything that day. I will not ship equipment or bees. In other words, get your equipment now and before I possibly might have to close for mandated reasons.

I very rarely have several people in the shop at once so feel it is safe to remain open until mandated otherwise. Right now, my plans for a mandated closure will be to close the bee equipment portion and leave the 24/7/365 honey lobby open for self-service, honor system for payment. As always, feel free to contact me by email (info@eversweetapiaries.com) or Facebook.

Rest assured that I will make every effort to get your bees delivered in the most timely, ethical, safe manner for everyone. Many of you know I am an honest, giving person and usually to my own detriment and loss. I sacrifice many hours to help beekeepers and non-beekeepers; customers and non-customers with their bees and to educate others about bees all at the expense of my business and bees. These are very trying times right now and we must support each other. Small businesses like mine will suffer extreme economic hardships because of mandated closures. Many small businesses live like most paycheck to paycheck folks but we're sale to sale. We will need everyone’s patience, support, and understanding in the upcoming weeks and possibly months to come.

Please stick with me, ride this out, remain calm, continue social distancing and take this time to read about bees more (read our free Beekeeping Guide: https://www.eversweetapiaries.com/2020_Eversweet_Beekeeping_Guide.pdf), stay healthy, be strong, be kind, share your toilet paper, and wash your hands!

Thank you!!!
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