What To Do When You Find A Honeybee Swarm

Contact Eversweet Apiaries if you spot a swarm!

Phone: 304-876-3832

Email: info@eversweetapiaries.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EversweetApiaries


 We will gladly provide care & housing for them!


We do not do “cut-outs” which are bee removals from buildings. However, we know many beekeepers who will do cut-outs and we can connect you with those beekeepers.

What To Do When You Find A Honeybee Swarm

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1. Remain calm.

Honeybee swarms are usually very gentle. They do not have a home or honey to protect.

2. Do not use pesticides to remove them.

3. Contact Eversweet!

We’re happy to remove them and give them homes! If we can’t collect them, we have a network of beekeepers in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, & DC who we can connect you with.