Honeybees are usually selected for their positive traits which are passed down from the queen & the drones she mated with. There are pros & cons for each breeds’ traits. This is a fair, very generalized representation of their trait potentials. These are just trait tendencies. Not  all bee breeds/colonies always behave in these manners. This material should only be used as a base reference since many factors such as environment, mite loads, viruses, care, etc. can determine how these breeds will behave. Further research is recommended on choosing the right breed for your personal preference, environment, etc. These breeds are the most common in the United States. Data was collected from WV Dept. of Ag’s “Beekeeping in West Virginia”. The info is not copyrighted by Eversweet Apiaries but these graphics are. However, this was created for educational purposes & not for sale so it can be shared freely.  Please keep copyright info with graphics.