Package Bees Purchase Agreement/Terms and Conditions

I understand that Eversweet Apiaries does not guarantee anything regarding the quality of the package bees or their queens. Eversweet Apiaries does not guarantee if the queen is alive or present within the package.

Eversweet Apiaries does not guarantee the longevity or productivity of the package bees or queens. No refunds or replacements are available upon pickup, installation, or after installation.

Refunds and replacements can not be given for dead bees or queens. We allow customers to pick the packages that look best to them. Packages need to be picked up promptly & installed as soon as possible to prevent bee death.

Eversweet Apiaries is a third party seller for packages.  Eversweet Apiaries is not responsible for transportation of the bees from the supplier (1st party) and in the event of an accident causing bee death or loss, Eversweet Apiaries will not refund the cost or provide replacement of the package(s).

Due to packages requiring more maintenance & beekeeping knowledge sometimes, we do not recommend packages to beginner beekeepers. Please review Eversweet’s chapter “Which is Better…Nucs or Packages” in our free “2020 Beekeeping Guide” for more info regarding nucs and packages: