03/09/2020 QUEEN UPDATE – 1st Delivery of 2020

We’ve heard back from Olivarez about queen availability. They are a bit behind & out of sync with our bees & weather here on the east coast…. it happens sometimes. We hope to get an order of queens the week of April 6th & then weekly deliveries thereafter. The Carniolan supply might be a bit low to start out with.

In the meantime, if you are worried about your hives swarming, busting at the seams, etc. either give some brood to weak hives (always best option) or start a nuc & let the nuc queen itself. By the time she emerges, mates, etc. we’ll be at the beginning of April. The drone populations should be sufficient for mating by then. Your main focus & concern should be keeping your overwintered hives from swarming. Don’t let that happen!!! It will knock your population back, they’ll take the majority of the honey, and you’ll be starting from square one again. Not to mention opens the door for possible re-queening problems if we run into rainy, cold, bad weather. We’re not out of the woods yet! For more info on swarm prevention, control, & management, watch our Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APiUZhjgex4

We’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

Please read our Queen Policy before purchasing queens. You will be required to sign this policy before purchase.

Hygienic Italian, Carniolan, & Saskastraz

We receive weekly deliveries of Hygienic Italian, Carniolan, & Saskastraz queens from April to September from Olivarez Honey Bee, Inc.

2020 Hygienic Italian, Carniolan, & Saskastraz Prices:

Italian & Carniolan = $38.00 plus WV 6% Sales Tax,  Saskastraz = $40.00 plus WV 6% Sales Tax

Marking Fee: $3.00

Online ordering is not available. We cannot accept payments over the phone. We accept credit cards at our shop & we can also email you a Paypal invoice. Absolutely no holds on queens unless you’ve pre-paid & you must pick your order up immediately when the queens arrive. Queens should be installed ASAP.


Occasionally, we will place orders for Buckfast queens from Ferguson Apiaries in Canada if there is enough pre-orders. We will need advance notice & payment for your order. We will place an order with Ferguson when 10 or more queens with payment are received. Due to import, shipping, & inspection fees, it is not cost efficient for any parties involved for us to order 10 or less queens.

Mite Maulers, Purdue Ankle-biters, and other specialty breeds

If available from breeders, we will place orders for Mite Maulers, Purdue Ankle-biters, and other specialty breeds. Please contact us for availability.