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Has your honey turned into something like this?


This is a natural process of pure, raw honey called crystallization or granulation. Honey never spoils or goes bad as long it's sealed tightly and is not exposed to moisture or water.

Why honey crystallizes?

Honey is a highly concentrated sugar solution. It contains more than 70% sugars and less than 20% water. There is much sugar in honey relative to the water content. This means that the water in honey contains extra amounts of sugar than it can naturally hold. The overabundance of sugar makes honey unstable.

Benefits of crystallized honey

Some people prefer crystallized honey. It spreads on bread & toast easier without running. Crystallized honey also makes an excellent facial scrub!

Don’t like crystallized honey?

Refrigeration or cold honey will cause crystallization. If your honey has crystallized & you do not prefer it in this state, place your jar in a sauce pan of water & slowly warm pan on stove. Do not overheat as this will kill natural, beneficial enzymes.

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